The inventory management solutions inside Workever make it easy to find the stock you have, and assign it to jobs. Know what you have, and when you need to restock.

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Add your stock

Easily record all your stock items, their price, and how much you have inside Workever. We’ll allocate and track everything automatically.

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Create a Job

When you create a job, you can add the necessary stock to it. So your fieldworker knows exactly what to grab. Workever’s stock management software will allocate the amount you need to the job.


Deplete And Replenish

We track the items you actually have in stock. When you use an item on a job, the stock in Workever’s system depletes. And we’ll tell you when you’re getting low on an inventory item, so you never have to about missing stock for any job ever again.

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Track Inventory Your Way

Keep all your stock data on Workever’s system or download it into an excel. Whatever works for your business, Workever has the solution.

4,000+ Assets Logged

Field service management businesses have many moving parts. By helping you keep track of every component, Workever makes sure your equipment, team members and customers all stay in sync.

1,000,000+ Jobs Completed

We understand fieldwork. Over the last seven years, we've helped more than 1,000 customers increase their job capacity, helping them organise and improve their businesses.

Its time we did the same for you.