What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management is a way of organising and optimising business operations performed outside of the office, i.e., out in the field. Industries including mobile healthcare, real estate, and sales have started to use field service principles and tools in their mobile work.

Field Service Management Software is a collection of digital tools that help businesses grow, by cutting down on time spent on admin, planning and organising. Field Service Management Software often includes tools that assist with the below processes:

All of these processes can be managed by using digital tools that can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices keeping your business responsive and agile. The less time a business has to spend on admin, the more time can be spent actually getting things done and focusing on direct revenue-generating activities.

What are the benefits of field service management?

Effective field service management solutions integrate data from enterprise asset management systems with remote data from the field — including IoT and mobile devices — to help a company manage its resources.

Benefits of field service management include:

Field Service Management Key Points for your business to consider

What is Field Service Management? 

Field Service Management is a way to track and organise work that takes place outside of a company’s office, i.e. in the field. 

What does field management software do? 

FSM software helps optimise remote workforces by automating tasks and offering real-time operational visibility, data and analytics. 

What are the practical applications of Field Service Management? 

FSM helps manage multiple actions and individuals simultaneously. It’s practical for any industry that has employees working in the field. 

What are the advantages of Field Service Management? 

Advantages of Field Service Management include access to real-time info, increased first-time fix rates, connected customer journeys and maximised efficiency. 

What’s the best way to implement Field Service Management? 

The best way to implement Field Service Management is to decide what you want, find qualified field service managers, address basic needs, consider data and train the workforce.

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