Introducing: Workever


Hi! We are now Workever. We’re still the best field service management app and we still like orange. But we have a new name. We also have some new features that we will take a closer look in the next blog post. But for today, we wanted to just let you know some important info and some things that existing users need to be aware of.

What has changed?

You’ll be pleased to hear, not that much. We’ve changed our name and we have a shiny new logo, website and app.

What hasn’t changed?

The way our mobile and web apps work is not changing. We are constantly improving and updating our apps, but you’re not going to need to worry about relearning any software, or anything like that. This is just a visual smartening up. Our customer support certainly won’t be changing and we will still offer quick and personal help, whenever you need it.

We will be switching off our old Workforce app on 1st December 2020

Introducing: Workever Workever

That means you’ll need to download the updated Workever mobile app before then. Available on iOS and Android

Introducing: Workever Workever

You will need to log in to the desktop app at a new address:

Your login info will remain the same. Easy!

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