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W.H. Armstrong Plumbing

Learn how W.H. Armstrong improved their workflows using Workever

About W.H. Armstrong

W.H. Armstrong Plumbing & Heating contractors are a domestic central heating and plumbing company based in Seaham in the north east of England. They have an excellent reputation for offering both high levels of customer service and onsite workmanship. We conducted a short Q&A with the head of scheduling Allan Armstrong to ask how Workforce has improved their business

What was the biggest problem you were looking to solve when you were looking for a solution like Workever?

A. We wanted to have the ability to schedule in work from the office and dispatch out to our field workers instantly. We also wanted to set up our own workflows and have our technicians update the status of jobs from in the field, as well as capture other important data such as photos, notes, and customer signatures.

How were you managing work before you were using Workever?

A. We were using a software that was very basic and dated. It didn’t give us the functionality and workflows we required to operate efficiently, especially in the field. We didn’t have the ability to send automated emails to customers or job reports. Our engineers didn’t have the ability to add photos, images or notes to jobs which meant we did not have up to date information in the office.

What do you like most about Workever?

A. The main thing I like about Workever is how easy it is to use, the ability to capture important data and the ability to have your own workflow. I also like the fact that if I need to provide a letting agent with proof of works or a quote, I can quickly send a job report with all the data that I require attached.

Would you recommend Workever to others?

A. I’d recommend Workever to others. Some of the key reasons are the way the system handles workflow in that you can customise it to suit your business and the reactiveness of the system which enables you to schedule and move work as required which always updates the engineer in real time.