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Prymo Resurfacing

The team at Prymo streamlined the way they work with their team out in the field and saw a 20% reduction in job completion times

About Prymo

PRYMO is a gathering of some of the leading talents in the repair, resurfacing and restoration business. They offer their customers a complete solution to their needs and a service that provides value for money, fast response times, and an ability to meet the tightest deadlines. One of the highest accredited companies in today’s market focused on quality, cutting edge solutions, and commitment to meeting the needs of all our customers.

What was the biggest problem you were looking to solve when you were looking for a solution like Workever?

Our service and USP is built on the ability to offer quality, value for money, and meet the deadlines our customers set. With those high standards to meet we wanted to find a solution that would help us to make this a reality and give us the confidence to deliver our high standards consistently.

How were you managing work before you were using Workever?

Prior to workever we had a fragmented process using old clunky software, paperwork, phone calls, and in-office visits by engineers to pick up documents and data. This meant we had delays in receiving and providing information back about work which slowed down our completion times.

What do you like most about Workever?

I love the fact we have a unified system where all of our staff both out in the field and in the office can work together seamlessly. I also love the fact that it's an all in one tool where we can manage jobs, purchase orders, and everything in-between as well as update our customers in real-time which increases the speed of job completion and invoicing.

Would you recommend Workever to others?

We would definitely recommend workever to any trade or field-based business that wants to communicate between their in-office staff, field workers, and customers. It saves you lots of time and definitely helps keep things organized.