5 Ways To Advertise Your Plumbing Business

5 Ways To Advertise Your Plumbing Business

What holds a plumbing business back from dominating their local area? Poor customer awareness, of course. By thinking about what plumbing business advertising options you have and how you’re going to deploy them, you’re already starting to get ahead of the competitors.

Plumbing is, without a doubt, a competitive industry. Companies are constantly trying to one up each other through pricing and flexibility, working hard to win customers through – preferably – word of mouth. BUT, just like any business, marketing plays a huge role in the growth of a plumbing company and to stay ahead you will need a unique strategy. What plumbing business advertising should you be looking at? Where to start?!

There’s no denying it, marketing is very important. So, the pressure’s on, where do you start? Here’s 5 ways to advertise your plumbing business:

Brand: A good logo is essential

Your logo is one of your BIGGEST advertising opportunities. It is likely to be what your customer see’s when thinking about you. Your logo can represent quality, reliability or value for money. The best logo for a plumbing business will likely combine all of these.

Your logo is important because it will be plastered across all advertising formats. It will be how a potential customer recognises you and it must therefore represent you effectively. A good logo goes a long way to growing your business.

Web: Get online and reach your potential customers

It is common now for plumbers and other tradesman to have their own website. Usually, these are small brochure websites with around 4 – 5 pages. This type of website is perfect for a plumbing business as it will detail all vital information to a potential customer; areas serviced, contact details, and testimonials.

With a website your chances of finding new customers will more than quadruple. Potential customers also like the ability to check out a company on their own terms, so ensure your client testimonials are easy to find.

Print: Vehicles

Plumbing requires a lot of tools. So, you will have a vehicle or two to transport them. Vehicles such as vans are a perfect advertising opportunity for plumbers and other tradesman as the van is associated with trade.

The bonnet, sides and rear of your van should all have your logo on. This will raise brand awareness in your local area. It should also have in a large font your telephone number, email address, and a QR code to your website.

You can find a list of Vehicle wrapping providers here

Personal: Uniform

Plumbing is a difficult job and it can take hours to complete a smaller project. At some point, you will need to leave your project to get food, drink or tools – this is where the uniform comes in. Your logo and name on your shirt will make you instantly recognisable to the public and potential customers in the area you are working.

Adapt on this by having a sentence printed on the back such as ‘I’m a plumber, do you need help?’ and a telephone number.

If you do  not have a uniform provider you can easily find one at a very reasonable cost by searching Google – Click here to use a search term that we recommend

Search: Directories

The Yellow Pages is a handy tool and something which 99% of homeowners and businesses have. However, the internet is a far more convenient tool, and so it is important that you are where your customers are looking.

The Yell Directory, Business Spread and other business directories are good places to be online, and all of them are free to submit to. Spend a few hours getting your company name, logo (if possible) and contact information listed.

There are many ways to make sure your plumber advertising is effective and provides a high return on investment. We will soon be releasing another plumber advertising article which will go into more advanced techniques including the use of software, optimising your website to target the perfect customer and much more.

Further Reading: Our Marketing Guide

Update, August 2020: We recently published and easy introductory guide on how to begin marketing your trade business online. Head over and give it a read, to build on what you’ve learnt here today!

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