Time management tips for your cleaning business

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Managing time effectively is crucial for any business, in order for it to grow and be profitable. Here are some time management hacks specifically tailored for a cleaning business. 

Create a schedule

Develop a weekly or monthly cleaning schedule for your clients. Assign specific time slots for each cleaning task, ensuring that you have a clear plan for the day or week ahead. 

Prioritise tasks

Identify the most critical cleaning tasks that need to be completed first. Focus on completing high-priority tasks before moving on to less urgent ones. This approach ensures that important tasks are not overlooked or delayed and that your customers’ are happy.

Use a checklist

Create a checklist of cleaning tasks for each client. As you complete each task, mark it off the list. This not only helps you stay organised but also provides a visual representation of your progress and motivates you to keep going. You can either do this manually or by using software such as Workever.

Optimise travel time

If you have multiple clients located in different areas, plan your schedule in a way that minimises travel time between locations. Group clients in the same vicinity together to avoid unnecessary backtracking. Reducing travel time will help to increase work output.

Delegate and outsource

If you have employees, delegate tasks to them based on their skills and availability. By sharing the workload, you can accomplish more in less time. Additionally, consider outsourcing certain tasks such as accounting or marketing, allowing you to focus on core cleaning operations. If outsourcing accounts in particular, is not an option, consider software such as Workever where Quickbooks and Xero can be integrated and invoices can be created and payments accepted whilst on the move helping to improve cashflow.

Utilise technology

Take advantage of technology tools to streamline your operations. Use scheduling software, project management apps, or task management platforms to stay organised and track your progress and the progress of your employees. Signing up for Workever’s 14 day free trial here may be worth considering. Also, consider investing in cleaning equipment or tools that can help you work more efficiently.

Set realistic expectations

Avoid overcommitting or overbooking yourself or your team. Be realistic about how much can be accomplished within a given timeframe, taking into account factors like travel time, client requirements, and unforeseen circumstances. Setting realistic expectations helps prevent burnout and ensures the quality of your work.

Practice time-blocking

Block off specific time periods on your calendar for different activities, such as cleaning, client meetings, administrative tasks, and breaks. By dedicating focused time to each task, you minimise distractions and increase productivity.

Streamline communication

Establish efficient communication channels with your clients, such as email or a messaging platform. Encourage them to provide clear instructions and feedback in writing to avoid miscommunication and save time on unnecessary back-and-forth conversations.

Regularly evaluate and adjust

Continuously assess your time management strategies and identify areas for improvement. Analyse which tasks are taking longer than expected, identify bottlenecks, and adjust your schedule or processes accordingly. 


Remember that effective time management is an ongoing process, and it requires practice and flexibility. By implementing these hacks, you can enhance productivity, reduce stress, and ultimately improve the overall efficiency of your cleaning business. 

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