A Guide To HVAC Referral Sites

HVAC Referral Guide

As an HVAC contractor or engineer in the UK, finding customers isn’t always going to be an easy task. Whether you specialise in commercial HVAC or offer services for residential properties as well, advertising your business to potential customers is crucial. The majority of HVAC contractors have their own websites, social media channels and other forms of advertising, but this often isn’t enough to find clients.

When a customer is in need of help with their HVAC system, they will generally turn to Google to find a professional. In fact, 97% of customers will search online to find a local business, and the majority of them will first come across referral websites for HVAC professionals. 

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Listing on these referral websites can be very valuable to HVAC businesses and are great for helping customers find contractors in their local area. If you are hoping to find out more about HVAC referral sites and find the best ones to invest in for your business, then read on for our ultimate guide.

A Guide To HVAC Referral Sites Workever

What Are HVAC Referral Sites?

HVAC referral sites are websites that customers can use to find recommended and local HVAC businesses. Some sites cover a wide range of tradespeople such as HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians and more, while others are dedicated just to HVAC. 

Depending on the site, they either work as directories for customers to search through local suppliers and get in touch for a quote or for customers to post their jobs online, and businesses can respond with a quote directly. 

The majority of HVAC referral sites work like a directory, which is better suited to an industry where a simple quote can be challenging to supply. 

When you are considering listing on HVAC referral sites, there are many different aspects to look into. Some websites only offer limited information for your business, such as business name and contact number. Others will allow previous customers to leave reviews and provide links to your own business website or other information. 

HVAC referral sites which allow customer reviews are very effective, especially as 87% of consumers read reviews online before deciding on a local business. Sometimes using these referral sites to gather customer reviews is an easy way to manage and build your online reputation.

Which HVAC Referral Site Is Best?

Most HVAC referral sites come with a cost, and it is imperative you choose to invest your money in a website that is going to pay off. Listing your business on all the HVAC referral sites and generic tradespeople sites might not be a reasonable option, but choosing one or two to generate some business can be very worthwhile. Here are the top referral sites for HVAC contractors:

HVAC Local

HVAC Local is a listing site to help customers find HVAC companies within the UK. They currently have over 400 HVAC contractors listed on their website, and as one of the few dedicated referral sites for the HVAC industry, listing on their site could be very beneficial.

A listing on HVAC Local includes your business details, including your name and address. Customers can send you an enquiry through the site, and you can also set up an appointment booking functionality if you want to. This allows customers to book an appointment with you directly by choosing an available date and time from the site. 

HVAC Local is actually a US company but branches out to the UK, which means their pricing is all in US dollars. They offer free listings on their site for up to three months, so you can get an idea of how well it will work for your business. 

As a free listing, you won’t receive all of their features. A Premium Listing is $49 for six months and includes extras such as social media influence, business insights and customer reviews. 


Another directory type site for HVAC contractors is Construction.co.uk. They actually offer listings for a range of trades but have a specific section on their website for HVAC companies. With over 1200 companies currently listed in the UK on their site, customers have more choice than on HVAC Local. 

A listing includes all your business information such as website, contact details, a short about section, and customer reviews. 

There is a cost involved with advertising on Construction.co.uk, so you need to consider if it is going to be a worthwhile investment. A basic listing is £120 per year and includes basic details and a backlink to your own website.

A Search Optimised Listing is an additional £300 per year and offers a full listing on their site. Construction.co.uk also offer various other advertising options once you are listed on the site, which can be useful for an added boost of exposure when you need it. 


AirConditioning101.co.uk is similar to the other HVAC referral sites on this list because it is a directory site. Dedicated just to the air conditioning industry, it aims to help customers find HVAC companies in their local area. 

The key difference with this website is that as well as having a directory of HVAC contractors, it also has a feature where customers can request quotes. Their Get A Quote functionality allows customers to submit details of their job and receive quotes directly from local suppliers.

As an HVAC company, when you list on AirConditioning101.co.uk, you can have the opportunity to send quotes to these customers looking for work. All quotes submitted through the site are quality checked by their team before being sent to customers, so you can be confident that all local companies are operating fairly. 

They offer a free listing that gives you the ability to send quotes, and they also offer a premium subscription for either £9.95 per year or £35.95 for a lifetime subscription. The premium subscription means you will be listed top in your local area and be one of the first to receive quotes as they come through. 

Choosing A HVAC Referral Site

These are the main referral sites in the UK, specifically for the HVAC industry. Listing on all or just one of these sites can help you drive customers to your business, but you want to ensure a significant return on investment. As well as the ones listed above, many other referral sites cover a vast range of trades, including HVAC contractors. Check out our guide to find out more about tradespeople referral sites and other options that may help your business to increase its customers. 

What’s The Best Referral Site For Your Industry?

What about other industries? We have already been diving deeper into the different referral sites and how they suit a range of different industries. Head to our Ultimate Guide, here. Oh, and subscribe to our email list, so you’ll be the first to know which is the best referral site for your business and industry. 

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