New Feature: Timesheets & Expenses


We’ve just released a new Timesheets and Expenses feature for Mobile & Web! Premium and Ultimate users, will already find this available in your Workever Account.

Both Fieldworkers and Office staff can easily fill in and manage weekly timesheets meaning you can get accurate hours and expense data from your Fieldworkers, instantly.

As a manager, it’s really easy to check and approve timesheets from the dashboard and you can batch approve submitted timesheets at once, to save time. You can also add time-logs and expenses on behalf of Fieldworkers and export data to an Excel spreadsheet. 

Follow the buttons below to check out our full page on Timesheets and Expenses, find our Video Overview that’ll help get you started with the tool, and find our Help Centre for anything else!

Are you a current user thinking about upgrading?

If you’re tempted – you can easily upgrade within your app by heading to Settings > Company > Package and you can you view all the details of our various packages and prices here.

It might be just what you need to take things forward:

New Feature: Timesheets & Expenses Workever
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