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According to a recent survey by Simply Business, 51% of tradesmen in the UK have experienced tool theft, with an average cost of £2,500 per incident.

We know the unique challenges tradesmen face; tool theft can lead to weeks of lost income and missed jobs, and an expensive lawsuit from a disgruntled customer can easily bankrupt your business.

You need Workever x Admiral Business Insurance

Workever x Admiral Business Insurance caters specifically to the needs of tradesmen like you. Our covers take care of events such as overnight tool theft from your van, plus we’ve made it that much easier to do your insurance. You can log a claim, renew your policy or access your insurance documents, all from the Workever app.

Enjoy seamless integration between your admin and insurance…and do it the easy way with Workever. Switch to Workever x Admiral Business Insurance today; it’s insurance at your fingertips, accessible whenever and wherever the need arises, whether it’s on-site or in the office.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable - secure it with Workever x Admiral Business Insurance.
You can keep bringing in the hard-earned success, we’ll help protect your empire.

Experience full coverage and protection

Whatever your business needs, we’ve got you covered

Public Liability

Protect yourself against compensation claims and legal costs resulting from accidents at work, such as damage to property or injury to another person. Cover yourself with covers from £1m to £10m.

Employers Liability

Cover your business against legal expenses and compensation costs in case an employee gets injured or falls ill because of work. Cover your business for up to £10m for 25 people.

Professional Indemnity

Defend your business from claims made by clients or third parties. This can protect you from expensive litigation instigated by a disgruntled client.

Tools and Materials Cover

Safeguard your tools and materials from theft, fire, or damage from a road traffic accident, both at home or in your vehicle, including when kept in a vehicle overnight. Protect yourself with covers of  up to £20,000.

Legal Expense Cover

Should your business get sued by a customer, supplier or employee, through our partner, DAS, you can defend yourself with covers available for up to £100,000.

Contract Works Hire

Protect your business from the physical loss of, destruction of, or damage to contract works arising from any accidental cause, either from work under-way or on-site. You can choose from covers from £100k to £500k.

Owned/Hired Plant Cover

Insure yourself against damage or theft for owned or hired equipment like construction plant machinery, trailers and temporary buildings. You can choose from covers from £10k to £50k.

Easily switch and apply within your Workever app!

We know switching insurance providers can be daunting, so we’ve made the process as easy as possible. Simply tap the banner on the Workever app dashboard and our dedicated team will help make sure you have a smooth transition and keep experiencing admin made easy with Workever.

Why choose Workever x Admiral Business Insurance?

We know you work hard to ensure you deliver top-notch service to your clients, and so you understand the value of protecting your business; it’s your legacy. Workever x Admiral Business Insurance covers you when you need it and you can easily access it within the Workever App. Make the switch today!

Workever X Admiral Business LP Workever