What is a Mobile Workforce Solution, and how can it help your business?

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For a field-based business, it can be challenging to manage and lead the team as a cohesive unit. From ensuring everyone in the team is following correct protocols and business processes to making sure every customer is seen on time and with the best service possible – managing a field team can be hard. 

Understandably, businesses need solutions that can make sure their team is working as efficiently as possible. From ensuring parts are ordered, invoices sent, and prospects followed up with, to managing schedules and keeping track of the best routes and regions for each team member to cover. 

In the past, a team or office manager would have the complex task of juggling all the team and the many activities, but with a mobile workforce solution, it can simplify the whole process. 

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What is a mobile workforce solution?  

A mobile workforce solution is a software product that manages complex data and uses intelligence to provide real-time updates, total visibility and efficient services through an interactive dashboard. 

A mobile workforce covers any team working remotely, outside of a central hub or office. With a mobile workforce, you’ll have a team of field workers who will work at a variety of locations, most commonly at a client’s location. In the past, field workers would often have to commute back and forth between the central hub in order to receive instructions, communicate with the team, or provide updates. 

However, what shifts field workers into mobile workers is the ability to conduct the majority of the work when they’re mobile. Technology through a mobile workforce solution helps workers to remain mobile and flexible as all the data they need is stored in the cloud, which they are able to access anywhere. 

How can a mobile workforce solution help your business?

Increase productivity

According to the University of Surrey Centre for Digital Economy, the average fieldworker spends less than 1.5 days a week on their core job. The majority of their time is taken up by travelling, meetings and paperwork. Understandably, business success relies on productivity. What’s more, when you’ve hired skilled workers for their specialist ability, you’d expect them to spend a large proportion of their time using their expertise.  

This is where a mobile workforce solution can really help. For example, a scheduling and dispatching feature can reduce travel time through a GPS tracking that can create the most efficient routes for each worker. 

Similarly, having all the files, documents and communication in one place on an app-based program reduces the need for time spent on paperwork and in meetings. This can all help to increase productivity and ensure your team can focus on the skills they do best. 

Improve customer service

In competitive industry, increasing customer lifetime value can be essential for increasing profitability and being a go-to choice in your region. With this in mind, high-level customer service can make all the difference. 

Again, a mobile workforce solution is something that can give your organisation an edge when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction and retention. A mobile workforce solution safely and responsibly stores customer data, this makes it easier to follow up with customers and send reminders for any services/appointments due. Customers can also enjoy features such as real-time tracking, so they know exactly when their worker will arrive. 

Get paid on time – with ease

With a busy field team, it can be easy for invoices and billing to slip through the cracks as they move from job to job. However, a mobile workforce solution tracks every job and automates the invoice process. With customers having their front-facing account on the software, it makes it easier for clients to pay their invoices, even if you need to send automated payment reminders. This not only frees up admin time, but streamlines the whole process for customer convenience. 

What’s more, with inbuilt invoicing software, you don’t have to pay for multiple solutions. An all-in-one mobile workforce solution can take each project from quote to invoice without requiring additional business software. 

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Real-time business performance 

From cashflow to productivity, measuring leads to increasing capacity, having a solution that offers real-time data on all aspects of the business can help to keep the business moving forward. With all your data in one place, it is easier to check reports and create plans to further improve, grow and scale the business. 

If you’re looking for an easier way to manage your business, support your team and make processes easier, more efficient and increase customer service, a mobile workforce solution could be the ideal software to take your business to the next level. Workever offers such a solution that is ideal for growing businesses looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution. 

Try our solution for yourself with a free trial and see how to make the most of the software with a complimentary demo with our friendly team. Book a slot at your convenience here.

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