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According to data from home insurance, a third (32%) of UK homeowners plan to take on major home renovation projects next year meaning that tradesmen are more in demand than ever. Bathroom refits (33%), kitchen makeovers (28%) and exterior work (26%) made up the majority of homeowners plans in 2024 with people sprucing up their homes like never before. 

This follows the trend for 2023, with B&Q and Screwfix kingpin, Kingfisher reporting a sales increase of 1.7%, while Barbour ABI’s Home Improvement Report 2023 showed that investments in renewables and water savings achieved an almost 35% increase in builders merchants’ sales in the period leading up to 2023 Q1, as opposed to 2022 Q1. 

But while this boom is great news for homeowners, it’s also putting a strain on tradesmen. With more demand for their services, tradesmen will need to juggle multiple jobs and quotes, to try to keep up with the workload. But there’s a problem: there aren’t enough skilled tradesmen to go around. This shortage of skilled workers means tradesmen are stretched thin, trying to meet the growing demand while still delivering quality work.

This situation can lead to all sorts of challenges for tradesmen. They might struggle to keep track of all their jobs and quotes, leading to mistakes or missed opportunities. And when they’re overwhelmed with work, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks, like forgetting to follow up with a customer or send out an invoice.

Tradesmen will be looking to invest in software to help streamline their processes, which is where Workever field management software comes into play. Workever is an award-winning bespoke desktop and mobile app for tradesmen, helping them manage their workload and stay on top of their jobs and quotes.

One of the best things about Workever is its job scheduling feature. Tradesmen can see all their jobs at a glance, making it easy to plan their time and avoid double booking. And if a last-minute job comes in, Workever can help tradesmen shuffle their schedule around to fit it in.

Workever also makes it easy for tradesmen to create and send quotes to customers. With just a few clicks, tradesmen can generate professional-looking quotes that impress customers and win them more business. And once the job is done, Workever can automatically generate an invoice, making sure tradesmen get paid on time for their hard work.

But Workever doesn’t stop there. It also helps tradesmen stay in touch with their customers, sending out reminders and updates so they never feel forgotten. And if a customer has a question or concern, Workever makes it easy for tradesmen to respond quickly and professionally, keeping customers happy and coming back for more.

In short, Workever is a game-changer for tradesmen dealing with the surge in home improvements in the UK. By helping them manage their workload and stay organized, Workever ensures that no customer is forgotten and no invoice goes unpaid. So if you’re a tradesman feeling overwhelmed by the demand for your services, give Workever a try and see how it can help you keep up with the pace.

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