Smart Technology is reshaping the UK’s plumbing

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Discover how smart plumbing technology is revolutionizing the way the UK’s homeowners manage their water usage and save money on bills. From smart irrigation systems that optimize garden watering schedules to touchless smart faucets that promote water conservation and hygiene, the latest innovations in smart plumbing are a game-changer. This month, Workever explores these new lucrative niches for plumbers; from the benefits of smart water heaters for energy efficiency to the peace of mind provided by smart leak detection systems. 

Smart irrigation systems offer not only convenience to urban gardeners but they have also been proven to improve a garden’s yield and most importantly…big savings on their water bill. Smart irrigation systems work with sensors, weather data and controllers to monitor and adjust garden watering schedules. Factors like soil moisture levels, humidity and precipitation are used in real-time to water gardens only when necessary. Rachio’s Smart Hose Timer is a beginner-friendly smart irrigation system for homeowners looking to make the switch whilst for larger clients like golf courses and sports grounds, Rain Bird offers bespoke solutions and have been industry leaders for many years.

Smart faucets with touchless technology might already be a usual sight within commercial settings but a rising trend is seeing homeowners begin investing in smart faucets. Smart faucets automatically turn off when not in use, helping to save water and adding additional hygiene benefits. You can aim for top of the line with Delta’s voice activated smart faucets which work with Alexa AI or for an excellent option for the kitchen try Kohler’s Smart Kitchen line.  

Smart plumbing technology doesn’t only enable you to save money on your water bill, products like smart water heaters allow you to save on both your water and lights bills. Smart heaters can be controlled remotely through an app, meaning that customers can always come home to a hot shower after work and they can also monitor the energy usage of their heaters. Rheem’s water heaters allow you to choose between high water delivery or low energy costs, or you can enjoy both perks with their hybrid electric water heater which they laud as “the most efficient water heater on earth”. 

Another rising trend in smart plumbing technology is the integration of smart leak detection systems. For the savvy homeowner, a smart leak detection system not only saves water but also prevents damage to properties by detecting leaks in real-time and alerting homeowners and their plumbers. Smart leak detection systems not only detect changes in water flow and pressure but also track for sounds that indicate a leak might be present. For an ad hoc smart leak detection system, Moen’s Smart Leak detector allows you to plug a leak detector anywhere in the house whilst the Phyn Smart Water Sensor can be placed in high-risk areas such as under the sink or in bathrooms. 

Whilst there are many factors influencing whether or not homeowners invest more in plumbing services in 2024, many analysts predict a conservative increase of 5-10% more customers for plumbing companies. With the increased workload, many plumbers fall victim to poor admin management which can have direct negative impact on their revenue streams. According to a study conducted by Sage, missed invoices alone cost tradesmen in the UK an estimated £8.1 billion every year. 

The solution is an excellent field management app like Workever. With Workever, you can schedule jobs, assign tradesmen, capture their job feedback and create reports and invoices all within the Workever app. 

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