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Wouldn’t it be great if the admin side of the business could run like clockwork? This is what field service management software can do. At Workever, we work closely with businesses and tradespeople to ensure our field service management software offers all the functionality businesses need. However, we know that some people worry that their expectations of the software might not be the reality.

So, what can field service management software actually do, and does reality really match up to expectation?

Can Reality Match Expectation In Field Service Management Software?

Can Field Service Management Software Match Up To Your Expectations? Workever

1. A Paperless Office?

With suppliers providing order notes and keeping the accountant happy by retaining records, field service management software can’t promise a paperless office. However, Workever’s software can reduce a lot of paperwork by moving your customer management to the cloud. No scribbled bookings in a page-a-day-diary and no quotes, timesheets and expenses to litter the office. 

Instead, field service management software can help eliminate the internal paperwork by moving tasks onto the software. Your field workers and office staff can log their hours on their dashboard and add expenses and time logs for full visibility too.

With Workever, there is no need to print and post quotes to customers, as custom quotes can be created and emailed to customers ready for their approval. Invoices can then automatically follow this as everything regarding each customer job is logged safely in the cloud. 

Can Field Service Management Software Match Up To Your Expectations? Workever

2. Easy To Learn?

It’s a common occurrence in organisations to bring in something new that claims to save time and money, only for it to be difficult to actually use. In many cases, workers end up doing a workaround to avoid the new system. 

Workever is designed to be intuitive, and we’ve worked with a range of businesses so that our system follows the flow that makes their job easier. If your team already uses their smartphones and devices in jobs, a field service management software like Workever is very easy to adapt to. 

If you want to see how easy it is to adapt to and incorporate within your organisation, we recommend a 14-day free trial, so you can see just what’s involved and how easy it is to learn and use. 

Can Field Service Management Software Match Up To Your Expectations? Workever

3. Delivers ROI?

For all businesses, field service management software is only worthwhile if it can deliver a good return on investment. This means that you know the exact cost upfront and can understand what that cost provides you. 

At Workever, we make it easy to calculate your software ROI. With a simple pricing system based on the number of team members. Some field service management software will have additional fees for set-up costs, contract fees, training costs and support. 

However, Workever make this clear, with a simple monthly cost tailored to suit the size of your organisation – from one person to many! There’s no need to consider the outlay for years to come. Instead, Workever is a fixed monthly cost that you can cancel at any time. 

With clear visibility of the cost, it becomes easy to work out the return of investment of the field service management software, such as the increase in customer service, the timesaving for admin and facilitating business growth. 

Can Field Service Management Software Match Up To Your Expectations? Workever

4. Works Anywhere?

With cloud-based software such as Workever, it is possible to work from anywhere. While many dream of being able to run their business from anywhere in the world, many don’t believe it’s practical to be away from the office. 

However, when you set up a field service management software, you can ensure everything is on the system so you can work from anywhere, no office trips required! All you need for a solution such as Workever is a smartphone or internet-enabled device. So, whether it’s approving timesheets, appointing technicians to jobs or management payments and invoices, it is possible to work from wherever with all your office functions available on your phone.

Can Field Service Management Software Match Up To Your Expectations? Workever

5. Simple Integration?

In this interconnected world, it is no longer enough to have one piece of software. It is now vital for everything to link smoothly. For businesses, the expectation is that software should integrate with existing systems. At Workever, we’ve made it easy to add field service management software into your existing set-up, with easy integrations.

From links with Stripe to enable customers to pay their invoices by card to seamless links with accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks, Workever works closely with the integrations that businesses need. 

To make sure your expectation of field service management software matches reality, always double-check that the software you choose integrates with the solutions that will further benefit your business. 

If you want to find out if Workever will meet your expectations, talk to the team today to find out more and get started with your free 30-day trial.

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