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Setting out for a career as an electrician is an extremely rewarding way to earn a living. You have the chance to help people and work in a practical environment where no two days are ever the same. Working as a self-employed electrician or starting your own electrician business means you need to find your own clients, which isn’t always easy. 

Depending on where you are based, competition can be fierce. In fact, there are over 250,000 electricians in the UK, so standing out from the rest can be difficult.

When you work for yourself, your focus may be on doing the job, but you might be confused about where to start with your search for more work. Luckily, various referral sites are out there to help electricians connect with those customers who need work completed. This guide will cover everything you need to know to get started with finding work on electrician referral websites. 

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Listing on these referral websites can be very valuable to electrical businesses and are great for helping customers find contractors in their local area. If you are hoping to find out more about electrical business referral sites and find the best ones to invest in for you, then read on for our ultimate guide.

An Electrician's Guide To Referral Sites Workever

What Are Electrician Referral Sites?

There are many websites out there to help electricians find work and to help customers find a suitable person for their job. Some websites are specifically for electricians, while others cover a wide range of different trades. 

Electrician referral sites generally come with a cost associated with them but allow you to showcase your services to the right market. In general, they work by allowing customers to post details about the job they need doing, and then electricians can send them a direct quote.

As well as allowing you to get in touch directly with customers looking for your services, these referral sites often include reviews and feedback from your previous customers. This means that potential new clients can see what others have said about your work, and you can build a positive online reputation. 

Around 36% of people rely on recommendations when choosing an electrician, so having a solid reputation is critical.

Some referral sites work as a simple listing site so that customers can search for approved electricians in their local areas. 

Most referral sites are free for customers to use but incur a fee for the electricians. This fee can vary greatly; for some sites, you only pay when you want to quote for a job, but for others, you might need to pay a monthly subscription. 

Because of these costs involved, it often isn’t worthwhile listing on every single website available. Instead, you need to determine which electrician referral sites are worth investing in and which are not. Electrician referral sites help you reach potential customers and build a solid reputation in your local area, so spending some money on one or two sites is often worth it. 

Which Electrician Referral Site Is Best?

Most HVAC referral sites come with a cost, and it is imperative you choose to invest your money in a website that is going to pay off. Listing your business on all the HVAC referral sites and generic tradespeople sites might not be a When it comes to referral sites for tradespeople, there are so many options available. As an electrician, you have the choice of industry-specific websites as well as generic tradespeople referral sites, making choosing one or two even more of a challenge. We’re sharing everything you need to know about the top referral sites for electricians.


NICEIC are not only a referral website but also provide assessment and certification to prove your skills as an electrician. They also assess other trades such as plumbers and engineers, but many customers use their website to find local electricians. More than 26,000 electricians are registered on their website, proving that there must be some value in their certification and referral scheme.

One of the great things about NICEIC is that not only can you find work and potential customers, but you can also access help and advice from their expert team. If you want to be a part of NICEIC, you will need to become a registered contractor and meet all of their contractor requirements. 

They provide a guarantee to customers that contractors on their website are delivering a quality service, and this means many customers put their trust in the electricians on the site. If you meet their Approved Contractor Scheme requirements and are prepared to pay the application and registration fees, then NICEIC can be a worthwhile site to be a part of. 

Which? Trusted Traders

Which? are well known for testing and providing reviews on various products. They have also launched their own tradesperson referral site, Trusted Traders. Not just for electricians, Trusted Traders works with many different tradespeople, and 74% of people have said they are more likely to choose a service if it has been endorsed by Which?. 

Many electricians are listed on the site, and thousands of customers use the service to find local providers. You need to apply to be a part of their website, and once approved, they offer various services for your business, not just online referrals. 

You can use the Which? endorsement icon to promote your services and will be able to take part in their own marketing campaigns. Membership fees start from £60 a month, and there is also an upfront cost starting from £240, so it is not the cheapest option for a referral site.

Registered Competent Person Electrical

Registered Competent Person Electrical is a dedicated website for electricians and helps customers find registered electricians. They list all electricians who are registered to carry out electrical work in England and Wales, so as long as you are registered by a government-approved Electrical Competent Person Scheme Operators. 

NICEIC, Elecsa, Napit, Blue Flame Certification and Stroma Certification are all government approved registered bodies in England and Wales. If you are registered on any of these schemes, you will be automatically included on this referral website. The costs of these schemes vary between them, but as an electrician, you should be registered under one of these. 

Is An Electrician Referral Site Worthwhile?

Many electricians find being a part of these referral sites to be very worthwhile, but they can vary depending on your local area. Registering with a government-approved scheme should be top of your list, and trying out some other sites such as Trusted Traders could be a good next step.

What’s The Best Referral Site For Your Industry?

What about other industries? We have already been diving deeper into the different referral sites and how they suit a range of different industries. Head to our Ultimate Guide, here. Oh, and subscribe to our email list, so you’ll be the first to know which is the best referral site for your business and industry. 

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