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5 Ways Field Service Management Software Can Save Time And Money

Time is money when it comes to running a field service business. Small everyday tasks like shopping for materials, confirming service request details with the office and scheduling jobs, all cut into the number of billable hours your staff are completing.

Field service management software is designed to help reduce these small tasks and boost communication within your business. When you have field service management software in place, your team can focus on the job at hand and work more efficiently than ever. 

Here at Workever, we have been connecting field workers with office teams for many years. We’ve seen first-hand the many ways that our software can save a business both time and money. Here are just five of the top ways our software can boost your business profits and help your operations run efficiently:

1. Eliminate Cumbersome Data Entry

As a field service business, you will have to handle a lot of data and information for every job you complete. The types of data that you might need to keep track of in your business include;

  • Customer addresses
  • Customer phone numbers
  • Order numbers
  • Order amounts
  • Billing hours
  • Customer signatures
  • Photos and documents.

Many companies use spreadsheets to manage and keep a record of all this information, which is often time-consuming and prone to errors. This is especially true if data has to be entered into multiple spreadsheets time and time again. 

On average, employees waste 19.8% of business time searching for information – that’s one working day a week! 1

Field service management software, however, can help keep your data connected. This allows you to enter information once into the system and import it elsewhere if necessary. Once the information has been added to the software, it will remain there and be available whenever anyone should need it. Employees out on a job can access everything they need quickly, and staff in the office can see data as it uploads in real-time. 

Using this powerful technology for your field service business can;

  • Cut down on manual data entry 
  • Avoid duplicating work
  • Remove the risk of errors which can be costly and time-consuming
  • Streamline processes
  • Boost business efficiency
  • Enable real-time communication between teams.

2. Make Scheduling Easy

The amount of time your workers are spending on jobs is how your business is making money. However, if they are spending half their day driving too and from different locations of looking for an address, you will be losing out on billable hours. 

52% of field service businesses still rely on manual scheduling and is one of the top three frustrations for technicians. 2

Field service management software can help you to create sensible schedules for everyone, so you can ensure everyone is working efficiently. Throughout the day, schedules for workers can be updated and edited in real-time so that you can manage everyone effectively. 

By scheduling your teams’ days with field service management software, you can help to reduce;

  • The risk of sending the wrong person to the wrong job. Accidentally sending an entry-level technician to an advanced project can not only be costly and time-consuming but impact customer satisfaction.
  • Wasted travel time to reach jobs that are far away from each other due to poor scheduling.
  • Customers cancelling or amending visit times during the day, without the worker out on the road being aware. Because schedules can be updated in real-time, you can ensure that everyone is always where they need to be.
  • Missing resources from vans not being appropriately packed in the morning before setting off. When your team can clearly see the jobs they are doing each day, they can arrive prepared.

3. Enable Real-Time Communication

89% of customers prefer real-time ‘Uber-like’ services that enable them to track field service agents and anticipate their arrival. 3

Field service management software allows fieldworkers to communicate in real-time with office staff. Whether they need to get confirmation of a job location, send a photo or create a quote, it can be done instantly with tools like Workever.

If the office team need to send a worker a new job to visit, they can receive an instant alert with all the relevant details and can communicate back with any questions. 

Staff in the office can track the jobs that are currently being completed and what jobs workers will be visiting next. This can save a lot of time wasted on calling all staff for individual updates. Field service management software that is supported by apps or web-based solutions, like Workever, allow teams to access from anywhere. 

No internet? No problem!

Those out on the road can access apps even when they don’t have an internet connection, such as when working in remote locations.

4. Gain Insights From Easy Reporting

One of the most effective ways of saving time and money for your business is to see exactly where time is being used the most. Field service management software allows easy reporting so you can see a complete overview of your business. 

You can set up automated reports to be sent to you on a regular basis, so you can keep track of everything easily. Within field service management software like Workever, you can see reports and data on;

  • Job details, including time spent on jobs, recurring jobs and job profitability
  • Customer information, including billing details, locations and new customers
  • Profits and expenditure, with integration to popular accounting software
  • Scheduling, including breakdowns by day, week or month
  • Staff tracking, with reports to show time spent on jobs, invoices and more.

5. Boost Customer Satisfaction

This year, customer service is set to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator for field service businesses. 4

Field service management software can ensure your customers are coming back to you time and time again. When customers are left satisfied with your work and service, they are likely to use your services and recommend you to others. 

Using management tools for your business can help you to provide an excellent service every day. By effectively managing your team and their jobs, you can keep customers in the loop and make sure they are aware of timings, costs and more. Workever can help with automated status updates to customers to let them know how their job is going, and access to customer portals where they can manage their job easily. 

By giving customers the freedom to access this information directly, you can save time for office staff on updating them over the phone and improve the overall service. 

To find out more about how Workever can enhance your organisation and increase field service efficiency, click here to request your free trial. 


1: Taken from a 2013 study by Cottrill Research:

2, 3, 4: By the Infographic Journal, 2018:

Workever is a real-time management solution for Field Service & Service Management businesses. Whether you have a small mobile team of five field workers or a large enterprise with hundreds of field staff, Workever field service management software makes your job simple.

Increase productivity, reduce paperwork and save admin time with our easy to use field service software for both the office and your fieldworkers. 

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