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Happy New Year from Workever

Good news, everyone: 2020 is over!!

Everyone here at Workever hopes that you have managed to find some peace and relaxation over the most trying of festive periods, and we wish you truly all the best for the New Year. 2021: onwards and upwards!

Our next year promises to be our most exciting yet. We’re looking forward to growing with you, as we continue to develop and expand our service. We have some major design updates coming, along with upgrades to the usability of the software that will make running and growing your business easier than ever before.

In the mean time, we wish you a very Happy New Year! Check out a few numbers from Workever in 2020:

… and a partridge in a pear tree

Oh, and don’t forget, existing users have until 1st March 2021 to take advantage of our rewards scheme.

Read all about how the rewards scheme works by checking out our dedicated Rewards page here.

Workever is a real-time management solution for Field Service & Service Management businesses. Whether you have a small mobile team of five field workers or a large enterprise with hundreds of field staff, Workever field service management software makes your job simple.

Increase productivity, reduce paperwork and save admin time with our easy to use field service software for both the office and your fieldworkers. 

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Happy New Year from Workever

A exhausted goodbye to 2020 and an apprehensive but hopeful hello to 2021.

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