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How Nu Life Floorcare Eliminated paperwork and Mobilised field staff


Nu Life Floorcare is one of the leading providers of Natural Stone Restoration, Resin Floor Installation, Concrete Carpet Cleaning and Wood Floor Sanding. They have been in businesses for over 30 years providing services to both small private individuals to Multi national hotels. We conducted a short Q&A with Mike Philbin, the Director at Nu Life Floor Care

What was the biggest problem you were looking to solve when you were looking for a solution like Workever?

A. We wanted to get rid of paperwork and mobilise our staff so that they receive and provide information back to our office instantly.

How were you managing work before you were using Workever?

A. We were using a desktop based booking system that we would book work on and then print out job sheets for technicians who would have to come to the office to collect them. The issue is that if our schedule changes we would then have to reprint and find a way to get the information to them, which from a scheduling and administrative point of view was difficult. It also didn’t allow us to plan far enough in advance and provide our technicians with future job information. An example of another issue is that they may need parts for a future job that they have run out of on their vans. If they know what they have going on they can tell us in advance if they need something for any given job.

What do you like most about workever?

A. It’s really easy to use, we now have everyone working digitally, we can plan in advance and the technicians can easily see what’s going on all the time, so changes schedules is no longer a problem and the technicians no longer have to keep coming to the office which increases our productivity focusing on jobs

Would you recommend Workever to others?

A. Yes, we have done so already. We really like the way that it works for our business and I’m sure it will work for other businesses in our industry and others.